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20th Century NT Studies

July 7, 2010

One of the advantages of the otherwise dubious process of growing older is that you can accumulate a certain amount of acquaintance with the history of things.  A couple of years ago or so I was invited by the editors of an Italian encylopedia project to write a large article for it on NT Studies in the 20th Century.  I’ve always been interested in the history of the field, and so agreed to the task.  Even though a generous word-limit was given, there was a word-limit.  So it required some unavoidable choices of what to include and omit.  The directions were to try to include major figures, schools of thought, developments in approaches, major publications, projects, journals, etc. , all in ca. 12K words!  Anyway, the encyclopedia has appeared, and the editors also graciously allowed me to publish an English version, which appeared in the journal, Religion.  Here’s the reference: 

Larry W. Hurtado, “New Testament Studies in the Twentieth Century,” Religion 39 (2009): 43-57.

(The reference for the Italian version = 

“Bibbia – Nuovo Testamento.” Dizionario del sapere storico-religioso del Novecento, ed. Alberto Melloni.  Bologna:  Il Mulino, 2010.  Pp. 140-60.

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