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Oxford Handbook on the DSS

November 3, 2010

A new and valuable resource on the Dead Sea Scrolls:  The Oxford Handbook of the Dead Sea Scrolls, ed. Timothy Lim & John Collins, has just appeared.  See the posting on it on the blog site for our Centre for the Study of Christian Origins here:

Running 748 pp. (plus indexes), it’s a major publishing event, with thirty essays by a galaxy of scholars, each essay focused on a major issue (or set of issues) involved in scholarly investigation of the Scrolls.  These include issues to do with the import of the Qumran texts for earliest Christianity, and also subsequent Judaism.

My own contribution, “Monotheism, Principal Angels, and the Background of Christology,” (pp. 546-64) addresses questions about how Qumran might help us understand the conceptual and religious context for the remarkable Jesus-devotion that so quickly erupted in circles of Jesus’ followers.  I’ve put the pre-publication version on the “Essays, etc” section of this blog site.

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