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Others are Saying . . .

March 31, 2011

With thanks to Allen Black, here’s a link to an excellent critical take on the news stories about the “lead codices”:

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  1. Larry, I have summarised the situation here and here in a way which I hope is also accessible to lay people who are interested.

  2. James Deitrick permalink

    FYI, I’ve posted photos to my blog that I think show conclusively that the Jesus depicted in the “lead codex” purported to date to the 1st c. is a replica (of a photo published all over the Web) of the Mona Lisa of the Galilee mosaic.

  3. Emmett permalink

    Looks increasingly likely that the codices are fake after all. Apparently Mr Elkington has contacted others before with a copper codex with incoherent Greek inscriptions, which he claims was found in Egypt:
    The plot thickens…

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