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New Publication on Jesus

October 27, 2011

I’m pleased to have my advance copy of a new multi-author volume on Jesus co-edited by Chris Keith and me: 

Jesus Among Friends and Enemies:  A Historical and Literary Introduction to Jesus and the Gospels (Baker Academic, 2011).

It was Chris’s idea (he’s a former PhD student), and he did most of the work of editing the contributions.  It’s a unique volume, to my knowledge, in the approach and focus.  The basic idea springs from the observation that a person is known, at least in “public identity”, very much by his/her friends and associates, and by those who may be opponents. 

So, this volume has major contributions on all the main associates and opponents of Jesus in the Gospels.  Each contribution first lays out what we can know of the figure in question from historical sources, and then presents how the figure is deployed and rendered in the Gospels and in relationship to Jesus.  Baker has done a fine job of adding helpful info-boxes and illustrations at various points, which we hope will make this a good choice for readings and/or textbooks for courses.  But we believe also that the book is fully accessible to general readers simply interested in the subject.  Here’s the publisher’s link for more information:

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  1. Dr. Hurtado. Looks like a wonderful text. Looking very much forward to reading.

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