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Reviewing Stats for 2011

January 3, 2012

I thought I’d pass on some stats on this site, as I’ve found them encouraging.

In 2011, there were ca. 130,000 views on this site, making over 196,000 since its launch in July 2010.  The traffic flow fluctuates, largely based on how wide an interest there is in the posts.  The busiest day was in March 2011, with 10,000 views in response to a posting on those Lead Codices that UK newspapers were hailing as perhaps the most important archaeological discovery of the past century.  My posting was one of a number that pointed out the flaws in the claims and that (rightly) judged the items as bogus.

Impossible for me to predict what matters will generate postings or views in 2012.  I’ll simply try to develop the site as a venue for reliable information on the New Testament and the origins of Christianity, making the information accessible to anyone interested.

I don’t use the site to make money (though some others do), and so don’t have cozy links with various firms that have approached me to do so.  It’s just a site for those who are interested in the subject.

All the best for 2012!

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  1. I’ve enjoyed the blog, Larry. I look forward to more. I’m with you on the advertising. I’ve kept my blog ad-free for the last eight years on the grounds that it’s written by an academic for academic purposes.

  2. Taka KOJIMA permalink

    Thanks a lot for starting and continuing this excellent site! Your effort to keep this site sharply focused on topics that have special academic merits is so admirable. Pray that you can keep the productive pace into 2012.

  3. John Moles. permalink

    I do think this is a very useful blog – though it is very controlling.

  4. Ugly Manfred permalink

    Yeah, thanks Larry for a blog with substance, that doesn’t require daily postings, and that is virtually noise-free. And thanks for not caving in to advertisers. If only all blogs were like this one!

  5. Jeff Wild permalink

    Thanks for your informative blog without all the noise that comes in so many blogs. Happy New Year.

  6. mafutha permalink

    You can thank Ben Witherington for my read the blog. He’s quoted from it often enough to get me to read it live…..

  7. excellent site for food for thought…

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