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Summer 2012: Barcelona & Oxford

June 24, 2012

My wife and I have just returned from an enjoyable holiday break in Barcelona, and I highly recommend the location. Warm weather, impressive museums, great restaurants, it’s just what we needed for a break. They even have Roman-era ruins. And we found a very nice self-catering studio flat (at a reasonable rate) whose owner met our flight and drove us to the flat, and also conducted us to the airport for our departure. Hence, the quiet on this blog site over the last couple of weeks.

Later this summer, we’re looking forward to a jaunt to Oxford where I’ll teach in the annual Vacation Term for Biblical Study programme, 4-11 August. I’m holding forth on Paul’s epistle to the Romans. This is a long-running annual programme operated by an independent body, and the courses are for the general public. But it’s serious stuff, and even includes biblical languages courses. And, of course, there’s also Oxford to explore. I’ve been a teacher in two earlier annual sessions, and have been very impressed with the quality of what’s on offer, and the seriousness of those who enroll.

Here’s the URL for the VTBS home page (for some reason the link I gave previously doesn’t work, but this one does):

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