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Onward and Upward? Blogging in 2012

January 14, 2013

Per the kind folks at, I’ve learned that in 2012 there were just short of 180,000 views on this site, up from ca. 156,000 in 2011.  And I note also that the subscribers list continues to grow, over 370 as of today.  So, I’m encouraged that there are readers out there who find it worthwhile to visit and peruse what’s on offer here. 

Thanks to all those who are included in those numbers of viewers and subscribers, and especially to those who have commented (and not only the favorable comments).  Given the statistics, I dare to think that the time spent in posting and engaging comments may have some useful purpose beyond my own interest in blogging.  (No fishing for compliments intended.)

I hope also that in 2013 I’ll be able to continue to merit the attention of those interested in scholarship on the New Testament and Christian Origins.

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  1. dougpierocarey permalink

    Thank you so much for sharing your scholarship re: NT and Christian origins. Myself, I hesitate to contribute much because I’m naught but a dabbler, but I am reading what you write & pondering such. Cheers in 2013!

  2. Garet permalink

    It is quite simply an excellent blog. Thank you for your efforts and time.

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