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International Greek NT Project

March 5, 2013

As a member of the Committee of the International Greek New Testament Project (IGNTP), I took part in a Committee meeting yesterday, some of us (including me) participating via Skype, while others were sitting in a room in Birmingham.  The IGNTP began in 1949 with the aim of producing a “new Tischendorf”, i.e., an edition of the NT with a large critical apparatus that would provide as complete an indication of variants as feasible, citing the witnesses that support them.  The work went slowly, on account of several factors.  But over the last couple of decades has begun to pick up the pace, thanks in some siginificant part to the energetic leadership of Professor David Parker (University of Birmingham).

One of the positive developments is a link-up of the IGNTP with the work of the Institute for Text-Critical Research in the University of Muenster, whose project is to reconstruct a critical edition of the NT as close as possible to what they call the “Ausgangtext“, i.e., the state of the text of NT writings that was copied and circulated (likely early 2nd century or so).

The IGNTP has now an informative web-site that gives brief background on the project, identifies those involved, provides bibliographies on particular subjects (more to be added in due course), lists freely-available transcriptions of NT manuscripts, and offers opportunities to get involved in the project (e.g., by learning to transcribe manuscripts).  You can find the IGNTP web-site here.

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