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Second/Third-Century Christian Manuscripts

March 12, 2013

In my book, The Earliest Christian Artifacts:  Manuscripts and Christian Origins (Eerdmans, 2006), I included an appendix listing copies of Christian literary texts (biblical and extra-biblical) palaeographically dated to the first three centuries CE, along with a number of other copies of biblical texts that served for comparison purposes.  In an effort to keep up with developments, I’ve updated the list several times since the publication of the book, and I’ve placed the updated version on this blog-site under the “Selected Published Essays” tab.  I’ve just now posted the latest update, in which I’ve taken account of the dating of NT manuscripts in the recent article by Orsini & Clarysse that I mentioned a few days ago.

Scan down the list of items to “Second-Third Century Christian Texts,” and click on it for the PDF of the list.

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