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Bibliographical Article on Early Christian Worship

May 29, 2013

I’ve just had word that my commissioned article on “Worship in the New Testament and Early Christianity” has been published in the Oxford Bibliographies Online.  

Larry Hurtado “Worship in the New Testament and Earliest Christianity”. In Oxford Bibliographies Online: Biblical Studies, (accessed 29-May-2013).

The URL for the project =  The OLO project is intended to provide serious students and researchers with critically-informed guidance on bibliography, eventually for the whole range of knowledge.  My contribution was invited for the part of the project dealing with “Biblical Studies”. 

There are pretty strict regulations for the articles, including limits of how many items authors can include in each section.  So it requires some difficult choices about what to include and exclude.  Each item has to be annotated too.  The policy is that authors are expected/invited periodically to update their articles in the light of further publications on their respective subjects.

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  1. Excellent stuff Larry.

    What a serious compilation. A lot worth digging into here- even that Dunn guy 🙂


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