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Conference on Peter: Final Notice

June 18, 2013

We met yesterday to make final preparations for the conference on the Apostle Peter to be held 4-6 July here in Edinburgh, sponsored by our Centre for the Study of Christian Origins.  We have a full programme, including several “headliner” scholars (e.g., Timothy Barnes, Markus Bockmuehl, Peter Lampe, Tobias Nicklas and Margaret Williams) and a rich diet of papers overall.  The conference comes just the weekend before the International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature just across the Firth or Forth in St. Andrews, and so you can take in both events back-to-back if you wish.

The online registration closes 01 July.  There are now some 50 already registered, but we could accommodate another 15-20.  So, make your move soon! 

Here’s the link for more information, which in turn has the link for the online registration:  here.

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  1. John Bugay permalink

    Will you be making the presentations/papers available afterward through any videos, publications or journals? I had hoped to attend but was unable to do so because of a recent job loss.

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