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“The World of the NT”: New Publication

September 6, 2013

I’ve received my copy of a newly published multi-author volume that I can recommend, perhaps especially to “general” readers and students, who wish to have some reliable discussion of the setting of the NT (having read it in proof stage and written a “blurb” for it:

The World of the New Testament:  Cultural, Social, and Historical Contexts, eds. Joel B. Green and Lee Martin McDonald (Grand Rapids:  Baker Academic, 2013).

The topics collectively give a pretty good review of topics that comprise the larger historical setting in question.  After a discussion of chronology by McDonald, there are another 42 contributions grouped into several sections:  “Setting and Context:  Exile and Jewish Heritage,” “Setting the Context:  Roman Hellenism,” “The Jewish People in the Context of Roman Hellenism,” “The Literary Context of Early Christianity,” and “the Geographical Context of the New Testament.”  As “Additional Resources,” there is a brief discussion of “Money in the New Testament Era,” and “Measurements in the New Testament Era.”  These are followed by a helpful Glossary of terms and indexes of “ancient sources,” biblical texts, and modern authors cited.

It’s a lot packed into one volume.  Each of the contributions has a generous bibliography for further reading (which will be especially useful for students who want to research for course essays).

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