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Advertisements on this Site

October 3, 2013

As indicated before, I don’t take advertisements or financial incentives to mention products or publications on this blog site.  But I’ve learned that WordPress inserts ads on this site (and other sites that don’t pay the “upgrade” to avoid them being inserted).  In short, either I pay a fee or WordPress runs ads.

I have no idea what ads may be inserted and have no hand in choosing them.  So, if you see any that seem odd or inappropriate or offensive, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

In any case, it’s not me, and I’m getting no “kick-back” for them.

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  1. Michael Brugge permalink

    I am a regular reader, and I see the ads, and the ads do not bother me. I understand WordPress’s business model.
    So far the ads have been inoffensive and not intrusive. If briefly viewing their ads is the only drawback, then it is well worth it to me to view them, since in return I get to learn from this marvelous blog. Thanks for making your insights available at large, Dr. Hurtado.

  2. I’m currently seeing “Co-operative insurance for young drivers”. I’m flattered they think I qualify!

  3. AdBlock Plus has kept me from seeing any ads on your site.

  4. samtsang98 permalink

    same problem here. At least your advert looks better. Mine is some tabloid news. It’s really annoying.

  5. I experience the same. For what its worth, the inserted wordpress ads don’t appear to other ‘logged in’ wordpress users. I tend to see them mainly displayed at the bottom of posts when accessed on a smartphone.

  6. Larry, I also have a free WordPress blog and have seen the notice that says that WordPress might occasionally insert ads and wondered how often and what kind of ads. FWIW, there isn’t an ad on this post at the moment and as I click back, I don’t see any either.

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