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No Door Prize??

November 7, 2013

Sometime in the last 24 hrs the 1000th subscriber signed onto this blog site.  Congratulations, whoever you are!  Sorry, but no “door prize” available.  1000 subscribers is, of course, “small beer” in comparison to some other blog-sites, and I don’t want to make more of it than reasonable.  But, for this fairly conventional scholar, and for this blog site that essentially serves to provide a “window on my workshop”, it’s an encouraging milestone.  I won’t prolong this soliloquy as it would get embarrassing for all to do so.  But the continued upward movement in subscriber numbers encourages me to think that this site provides something of interest (and perhaps even of use/value).  It’s at least better than a downward trend!

(And, wouldn’t you guess it?  Within a couple of minutes of posting the above comments, someone withdrew his/her subscription, bringing the total to 999!  That will teach me!)

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  1. Matthew Schultz permalink

    I’m just an ignorant seminary student, but I always learn something when I read your blog. It’s a delight to get up in the morning, make some coffee and read your thoughts and analysis. Not only is it personally edifying, it also helps facilitate good discussions with my NT professor and helps me recommend resources or discuss ideas with fellow students or friends.

    I’m not “subscribed,” but that’s because I don’t really use that service for blogs that I follow (all two or three of them–I generally prefer books to blogs).

    I’ve done some reading on the issue, and it’s often difficult to know your actual audience size. But even a small audience is more significant than a huge one–if you influence the right kind of people. In order to be as popular as some Christian blogs out there, your posts would have to be a mile wide and an inch deep, with all the intellectual sophistication of pop music or talk radio. And then your comments section will turn into a cesspool of hacks, trolls and cheerleaders…

  2. A great blog! Keep them coming!

  3. J.J. permalink

    I didn’t know there was a sign up. I get your blog feeds pushed to my Feedly account (something like Google Reader) because I don’t want to miss a post you make. It’s so good to see your current thoughts so regularly on the internet.

  4. samtsang98 permalink

    Congrats, your blog is one of the very best out there. I always share it with my friends and students who want to learn more about Christianity.

  5. I’ve just signed up, so you are now back up to 1,000. Urgh no prize though…

    Thanks for all the work


  6. Torrance, Iain permalink

    You do a great job, Larry! All the best, Iain

    Sent from my iPad

  7. But don’t forget folk like me who follow this blog indirectly through your tweets!

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