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A Good Reference Work on Jesus and the Gospels–Updated Edition

December 11, 2013

The Dicti0nary of Jesus and the Gospels appeared in 1992, and was an excellent reference work especially useful to students and “general readers”.  The contributions were typically essay-length and with generous bibliographies, giving up to date and carefully-considered analyses of the many subjects addressed.  I am pleased to see that a second edition has just appeared:  Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, ed. Joel B. Green et al. (InterVarsity Press).

It’s about 150 pages larger (xxxii+1087 pp.), with a number new articles on a number of subjects not addressed in the 1992 edition.  Also, some 90% of the articles in the 1992 edition have been newly-assigned and written by new contributors (including my own contributions to the 1992 edition!).    And, perhaps best of all for cash-strapped students and others, this large hardback volume is priced at $48 (which is 20% off the retail price of $60, in itself not bad), as per the publisher’s online site here.

So, in one reasonably priced volume you have the equivalent of a mini-library of information, the entries taking account of the mushrooming of scholarly issues and debates about Jesus and the Gospels that has characterized the decades since the 1992 edition.  Just in time for Christmas! (And, once again, I don’t get any financial consideration for the books I recommend on this site)

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  1. Doug Bridges permalink

    It is $41. On Amazon.

    • Well, yes, but I try to avoid Amazon whenever possible.

      • Donald Jacobs permalink

        Can I ask why? Just curious because Amazon has been my main source of income for nearly a decade. One God, One Lord was very lucrative for a while when it was out of print: sold regularly for around £50. It must be a good book. 🙂

        Incidentally I pay all my tax, which is something to consider when purchasing from third party sellers rather than directly from Amazon.

      • From publisher friends, I get the impression that Amazon is out to put them out of business. The founder certainly expresses vast ambitions, and I hear that they put publishers and booksellers under a lot of pressure to give Amazon special deals (that aren’t available to other booksellers). But that’s another topic, and this blog site isn’t about Amazon.

      • I find this sight good for comparison. It’s quick, organized, and I appreciate the est. shipping costs as they can vary widely.
        [note: This link says ‘bestwebbuys’; I’ve always typed ‘bestbookbuys’ (their orig. address), it’s easier for me to remember.] Thank you for this interesting recommendation.

        His Will – His Love – His Favor.

  2. I wonder, Larry, if you have a favourite current scholar who you think is the best or one of the best scholars around today?
    Also, was there a book/scholar that made you decide to go into biblical scholarship as a career?
    Are there any Roman Catholic scholars that you currently admire?

    • Too many good ones around and in the past that have influenced me and continue to impress me. They include Roman Catholic scholars. E.g., Joseph Fitzmyer & Raymond E. Brown. Such appreciation doesn’t = consent to everything they’ve written, but they are pretty impressive people.

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