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2013 and Onward

December 31, 2013

2013 was a busy year and one of continued growth on this blog site, which is encouraging to me:  Over 194,000 views (about 10% growth from 2012) from 166 countries, and a big growth in subscribers (now approaching 1200).

So, it appears that the site serves some useful purposes, as I sincerely hope.  In the coming year I’ll continue to post when I’ve got something to say on a relevant topic (and will otherwise be quiet).  Just before the Christmas break I finished a large essay commissioned for a major NT journal.  I have more to say about that piece in due course.  And I’m reading for review now the huge multi-author volume, The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research, ed. Bart Ehrman and Michael Holmes.  So, comments on that in due course also.

For now, all good wishes for 2014 to all you who read this blog!

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  1. Professor Hurtado,

    “So, it appears that the site serves some useful purposes”

    It most certainly does. One of the things I notice as an avid reader of academic works on early Christianity (I am currently ploughing my way through a 1347 page second volume of a certain James Dunn) and as a gad-fly amongst internet sites, is the complete disjunction between academic scholarship and the vox populi (as judged from “comments” on internet articles pertaining to religion and Christianity in particular). Your blog is an excellent counterbalance to that disjunction. It is a pity that a greater number of leading academics are not up to the task.

  2. Annalise Zaverdinos permalink

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Annalise Zaverdinos (Kockott) and I am a librarian in a seminary library in South Africa. I have completed an Honours in Biblical Archaeology at UNISA with Prof Boschoff and am interested in further studies. I am particularly interested in the question of the Christian presence in Palestine pre-Constantine, in terms of the social memory of biblical sites. The site I planned to focus on is Bethany (excavated by Fr Sylvester Saller who saw a pre- and post-Constantine thread of continiuity, which was criticized by Taylor etc., who claimed that there is no pre-Constantinian evidence). I have read a number of your articles and have a copy of your book “The earliest Christian artifacts”. I would greatly appreciate it if you would be able to give me some thoughts on this issue.
    Kind regards,
    Annalise Zaverdinos

    • I really can’t claim any special expertise on the archaeology of ancient Roman Palestine. Sorry.

  3. Paddy permalink

    Thanks for your blog Larry. I’m just an interested reader. I find the blog, comments and replies very interesting and educational and I’m glad, as a non-academic, to be able to “dip-in” to the world of NT history. Best wishes for 2014.

  4. Larry – a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Have you finished N.T. Wright’s latest (and double-barrelled) work on Paul yet?

    • Mark: I’ve not yet had time to get to Wright’s Paul-book. It’s scheduled for a.s.a.p. in 2014.

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