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Summer Biblical Study (Oxford)

January 21, 2014

I give notice again this year of the programme of the Summer Biblical Study in Oxford, 27 July — 01 August 2014, sponsored by the Vacation Term for Biblical Study.  This year, there will be a packed one-week programme that includes Old Testament and New Testament lectures focused on biblical texts, other lectures concerned with the interpretation/use of the Bible, e.g., the use of the OT in Handel’s oratorios, and lectures on images in modern Jewish art.

Professor Alister McGrath’s lecture, “Irrigating Deserts:  C.S. Lewis and the Reading of Scripture,” will commence the programme.  Accommodations in St. Anne’s College (Oxford) are very comfortable and within easy walking distance to the heart of Oxford.

It’s a great way for “lay” folk to upgrade their biblical studies and for ministers to do a bit of “professional development.”  Also, those (e.g., from North America) planning a UK summer holiday-visit might take in this Summer Biblical Study week as well.

You can peruse the brochure here:  VTBS 2014 brochure.

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  1. Thank you for this, I’m always looking for more conferences so I’ve added it to my growing list.

  2. I think you meant Alister McGrath, not Alistair McGrath!

  3. Reblogged this on Vaisamar and commented:
    I was blessed to attend both weeks last year and I highly recommend the event. Some bursaries are available, but my understanding is that costs have risen a little bit this year.

    • Yes, the costs are dictated by those charged to the organizers by the college. So, only one week this year. And next year it moves to Robinson College, Cambridge (I guess Robinson offered a better deal).

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