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“Religious Experience” Article Published

February 28, 2014

I just learned today that one of my articles submitted last year and accepted for publication in Expository Times has in fact appeared in an online version (the “print” version to appear in a future issue of the journal).  Indeed, it was published in this online form back in 2013, but, somehow, I didn’t know/notice.  Seems that the publisher, Sage, has this two-stage arrangement (and I’m catching up on the technology).

Anyway, the article, “Revelatory Experience and Religious Innovation in Earliest Christianity,” can be read here.

The article derives from a lecture that I gave in Rice University last year.  In an earlier posting I gave a summary here.

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  1. John peterson permalink

    I am an amateur who is interested in early Christianity and have enjoyed your Posts and your responses to comments.
    If I may, i would like to ask a question arising from your post on 5th Feb 2014, regarding “Originals for NT Gospels??”. My apologies for the delay in raising this query.
    I have read a suggestion that if Tertullian had known of the text we have for Galatians 2:7-8, then he could hardly not have used it in his writings against Marcion and Heretics. I believe that Irenaeus was aware of this passage, or part of it, and used it.
    Conversely, I believe that Irenaeus would have made reference to Matthew 16:18 +19, had he been aware of these verses. He appears to have referred to Matthew 16:17. I note that Tertullian made use of Matthew 16:18 +19.
    Both passages are very modest in size but appear to have some real significance.
    Drawing firm conclusions based upon omissions is hazardous. However, given the nature of the authors objectives and the length and detail of their writings, I wonder if it is probable that they had different texts?
    If the answer is “yes” or “maybe”, then are these variants micro or macro level variants?

    • I prefer to work with evidence of manuscripts, and there’s no evidence that the verses in Gal or in Matt were variants. So, why this or that author didn’t cite this or that verse is down to him and his own purposes, so far as I can judge.

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