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“A Polite Bribe” in Edinburgh

March 4, 2014

We’ll screen the provocative film about the Apostle Paul, “A Polite Bribe:  An Apostle’s Final Bid,” here in New College, Friday 7 March, 4 pm (Martin Hall).  Admission free.

There will be a discussion following the film, involving the director/writer/producer, Rob Orlando, my NT colleague Dr. Matt Novenson, and yours truly.

I’ve mentioned the film in one or two previous blog-posts.  It combines a dramatic storyline focused on Paul’s apostolic mission and his concerns to maintain some kind of unity between Jerusalem/Jewish believers and his (largely) gentile churches with numerous short clips featuring a galaxy of scholars expressing views on various matters connected with the narrative.  The climactic element is Paul’s last journey to Jerusalem with the financial collection gathered from his churches as an offering to the Jerusalem church.

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  1. Christine H. Aarflot permalink

    The DVD hasn’t been officially released yet, so we were only able to look into the online options – and those didn’t work. But from what a quick google search tells me now, it will be out in late April. That at least is good news, and I wouldn’t have known without your reply. Thank you very much!

  2. Christine H. Aarflot permalink

    We looked into screening the movie at MF Norwegian School of Theology a couple of weeks ago, but it looked like it wasn’t possible to do so outside of the US. Do you happen to know how whoever is in charge was able to make it happen in Scotland?

    • Do you refer to the format-issue: I.e., the film is on Blu-ray and is formatted to “region 1/NTSC” (N. American format), whereas in the UK we are “region 2/PAL”? Orlando is having to bring a Blu-ray player that operates in NTSC, which we’ll plug into our projection equipment here. Deo volente, should work.

    • Christine,

      I was just forwarded this blog. Thanks for taking an interest in the A polite Bribe film. With our distributor we can screen in any format. Also, we have a US theatrical partner, but do accept some independent invites for screenings, in particular between now and April or May. You can contact for more info. We can look into the possibilities. Thanks again.

      Robert Orlando

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