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“Ancient Jewish Monotheism” Article Published

April 25, 2014

I’m pleased to announce that (at long last!) my article, “‘Ancient Jewish Monotheism’ in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods,” has now appeared in Journal of Ancient Judaism 4 (2013), 379-400 (the journal has got behind in schedule, hence the “2013” date for an issue that has just appeared).

I posted about the basic thrust of the article a few months ago here, when I reviewed the proofs.  So I won’t repeat that posting now.  But I hope that my effort to define “ancient Jewish monotheism,” and to distinguish it from other putative “monotheisms” will help toward greater conceptual clarity and terminological precision.  I’ll look forward to scholarly responses.

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  1. Tim Reichmuth permalink

    Dr. H.,

    This is great news. I am excited to see the conversation that will follow once others have actually read your article. I remember the comment thread being lively in your previous post and assume now that the article is out that an informed conversation will be enlightening.


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