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Jesus in Earliest Christian Prayer

September 26, 2014

I’ve received news that the multi-author volume has been published in which my essay, “The Place of Jesus in Earliest Christian Prayer and its Import for Early Christian Identity,” appears:  Early Christian Prayer and Identity Formation, eds. Reidar Hvalvik & Karl Olav Sandnes (Tuebingen:  Mohr Siebeck, 2014).  I’ve placed the pre-publication version on this blog site under the “Selected Essays” tab.

I’m pleased to have been invited to take part in the project from which this volume emerged, and honoured to be include with the other fine scholars in the volume.  Here are the contributions:

REIDAR HVALVIK and KARL OLAV SANDNES, “Early Christian Prayer and Identity Formation: Introducing the Project2

MIKAEL TELLBE, “Identity and Prayer”

LARRY HURTADO “The Place of Jesus in Earliest Christian Prayer and its Import for Early Christian Identity”

REIDAR HVALVIK, “Praying with Outstretched Hands: Nonverbal Aspects of Early Christian Prayer and the Question of Identity”

GEIR OTTO HOLMÅS, “Prayer, ‘Othering’ and the Construction of Early Christian Identity in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke”

MIKAEL TELLBE, “Prayer and Social Identity Formation in the Letter to the Ephesians”

ANNA REBECCA SOLEVÅG, “Prayer in Acts and the Pastoral Epistles: Intersections of Gender and Class”

OLE JACOB FILTVEDT, “With Our Eyes Fixed on Jesus: The Prayers of Jesus and His Followers in Hebrews”

CRAIG R. KOESTER, “Heavenly Prayer and Christian Identity in the Book of Revelation”

KARL OLAV SANDNES, “The First Prayer”: Pater Noster in the Early Church”

HANS KVALBEIN, “The Lord’s Prayer and the Eucharist Prayers in the Didache”

REIDAR AASGAARD, “What point is there for me in other people hearing my confessions?” Prayer and Christian Identity in Augustine’s Confessions

ANASTASIA MARAVELA, “Christians Praying in a Graeco-Egyptian Context: Intimations of Christian Identity in Greek Papyrus Prayers”

NICLAS FÖRSTER, “Prayer in the Valentinian Apolytrosis: A Case Study on Gnostic Identity”

GLENN WEHUS, “Bring Now, O Zeus, What Difficulty Thou Wilt.” Prayer and Identity Formation in the Stoic Philosopher Epictetus

REIDAR HVALVIK and KARL OLAV SANDNES, “Prayer and Identity Formation: Attempts at a Synthesis”

 The publisher’s online catalogue entry on the book is here.

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  1. Gerardo permalink

    Awesome post.

  2. ..and I consider “the name” of James 5:14 similar to “the name” of James 2:7 “Is it not they who blaspheme that honorable name which was invoked over you?”

  3. Thank you, very interesting indeed!
    In your essay I couldn’t find any reference to a passage such as James, 5:14 <>.
    It could be a clear example of an early christian community prayer in “the name of the Lord”, related to healings.. Or maybe you don’t think that “the name” is the one of Jesus in this case?

    Thank you

    • No intention to omit the text. I had a limited number of words!

      • 🙂 understand. I’m asking because, if I’m correct, I couldn’t find such reference to james neither on longer books, such as “How on earth..”.

      • Well, perhaps not. But the reason is that I focus on the earliest and most securely dated evidence. The Epistle to James is contested as to authorship, destination, date, pretty much everything.

  4. This looks wonderfully fascinating! I am especially interested in Wehus’ and Maravela’s chapters, as I find the Alexandrian admixture of culture to be particularly enthralling. Thank you so much for sharing!

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