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Scholarship for a Wider Public

October 6, 2014

At a special day-symposium, “How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God?” for the general public a week or so ago, one attendee rightly complained to me that so little of biblical scholarship gets disseminated to a wider public.  Well, one effort that I’ve made is an eight-part video series, “Devotion to Jesus: The Divinity of Christ in Earliest Christianity,” produced and distributed by the Wesley Ministry Network.

This DVD format series is intended for a general public and comes with accompanying study booklet, discussion topics/questions, and guidance for using the material as part of a short-term study series.

More information on the Wesley Ministry Network and the various courses available is available here.

You can watch the first lesson in my own course on Youtube here.

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  1. I contacted the publishers, but they say that the DVD is only available in region 1 & NTSC, not Region 2 and PAL, which would be easier to use in the U.K. (I wonder if Canon Mel Smith is in the UK and if so how (s)he solved the technical problems.)
    Do you think that a U.K. publisher would be interested in producing an edition in PAL/region 2?
    I saw the sample lecture, which struck me as being an excellent introduction to the theme.

    • I know that the series has been used in the UK. But I don’t know what they did to do so. There are NTSC playable machines available in the UK. If there were sufficient demand, I suppose Wesley Ministry Network could produce a PALS version of their series.

  2. Mel Smith permalink

    I am an Anglican priest and have used the video series about Jesus Devotion throughout our church house groups, having first tried it out with a small more select group. The house groups found it a bit hard going but stuck at it with my encouragement. Personally, I’d recommend the course as a way of getting the ‘folks in the pews’ to take theology and biblical study to a greater depth. But the pastor needs to be encouraging and around to give added explanation.
    Canon Mel Smith

  3. This is excellent Larry.

  4. Dr. Hurtado,

    The second link is not working, but I may have found it on the Wesley Ministry site:

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