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Hurtado: New College Lecture 2014

January 5, 2015

Thanks to a commenter, I see that my “Opening Lecture” given in New College in September is now on Youtube here.  From its 19th century origins onward, each year New College begins the September academic session with the “Opening Lecture,” typically given by one of the academic staff.  I agreed to give the 2014 lecture:  “Paul’s Messianic Jesus: A Variant-Form of Ancient Jewish Messianism”.  (The commenter also mentioned the lengthy, and typically humorous, introduction by my colleague, Prof. Paul Foster, in which he cites some of my more impatient responses to some comments on this blog site.)

The lecture is essentially the paper I gave in a small conference held in Rome in the summer 2014, devoted to the Apostle Paul and his Jewish context.  I reported on that conference and my own paper in an earlier posting here.  Papers from that conference are to be published in due course.

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  1. Dr. Hurtado you have been generous in providing “pre-publication” versions of work on your website. Forgive my audacity in asking if you would provide your “pre-publication” version for “Paul’s Messianic Jesus: A Variant-Form of Ancient Jewish Messianism.” I have listened to the you-tube lecture. and consulted the blob referred to in this post. Professor Foster’s comments on your blog reminded me of the contrast between Job with his retort and Jesus who ‘never said a mumblin word.’ However, Jack Nicholson’s “… You can’t handle the truth!” might be an appropriate response in similar situations.

    • I’ve preferred to post the pre-publication version of essays after they’ve been published. So . . . in due course.

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