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B.F. Westcott: 190th

January 12, 2015

Continuing in the spirit of some previous postings about famous scholars of yester-year, today (12 January) marks the birthday of Brooke Foss Westcott (12 January 1825), who, along with J. B. Lightfoot and F. J. A. Hort, formed the famous Cambridge trio of NT scholars.  Westcott features as today’s highlighted biography in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and you can read an online account of his life here.

Westcott is probably most well known for his joint-editorship of the Westcott & Hort Greek NT, a landmark work in the history of NT textual criticism.  But, as the online biography shows, he made many other contributions to scholarship, Cambridge University, and the Church of England.


(Thanks to my colleague, David Reimer, for tipping me off to the date and the ODNB online article.)

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  1. Donald Jacobs permalink

    Was it Westcott or Hort who promoted the idea of the “neutral text”, and “western non-interpolations”? Is it possible to distinguish much between the ideas and contributions of the two scholars?

    • I think that it is widely recognized among NT textual critics that Hort was really the key idea-man in the Greek NT project. He is regarded as basically the author of the 150+pp introduction that explains the ideas and judgements reflected in the work.

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