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C’est fini!

February 2, 2015

In response to my posting late last week attempting to clarify a comment referring to Bart Ehrman and to offer an apology for any offence caused to him, I’ve had a number of comments, none of which I’m publishing.  Some urged that no apology was necessary, others than I’m devious and hypocritical.  In any case, my posting was not up for discussion.  The key response was from Bart, who assures me that he accepts my statement of matters, and, with me, hopes that we can get on with scholarly discussion (and disagreements on scholarly matters).

So, thanks to all (those who offered support and even those who think I’m a cad) who commented.  But I didn’t seek to generate discussion of that posting.  I offered it in good faith, and it’s been received in that spirit.  C’est fini!

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