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How We Roll Here: A Reminder

March 24, 2015

As new readers are continually coming to this blog site, I give a reminder of “how we roll here” (i.e., the rules for comments, etc.).  These are stated under the tab marked “About Me and This Site.”  Among them, we use real names here, just as we do in live social conversation.  You know who I am, so please identify yourself.  Cutesy blog-names aren’t acceptable, and I can never figure out how/why that sort of thing got started anyway.  (And, please, that isn’t an invitation for extended comments on the use of such devices.)

Also, speak to the issue dealt with in the posting, and try to avoid introducing extraneous issues.  In particular, those who seem to have some “hobby horse” should refrain from trying to wedge it into discussions where it isn’t the posting topic.

And be concise.  This isn’t a soap-box for extended perorations.  Express your question, or make your point, concisely and to the point.

Those who want to operate in other ways, who want to sound off on subjects (typically, on which they aren’t at all qualified), or who want to try to inject some extraneous issue, or who just want to play “silly buggers” are invited to go to sites where they can do so.

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  1. Hugh Scott permalink

    Professor Hurtado,
    I looked at the Channel 5 programme tonight (Friday 27 March 2015) from 8.00 to 9.00 p.m. on Mysteries of the Bible – Jesus.

    Most of what the learned commentators had to say was scholarly and acceptable (bar the lengthy discussion of Jesus’ possible coming to England).

    However, the programme ended with never a word on the Resurrection of Jesus. It ended with the emphatic statement that the Jesus story ended with the Crucifixion.

    I find it astonishing that you allowed your name to be associated with such a disgraceful perversion of the Christian story. The same condemnation applies to Ehrman (several of whose books, like yours, I have read) and to the other impressive scholars who contributed comments.

    Forgive the vigour of my language. Is it not justified?

    • Hugh: See my posting today.

      • Hugh Scott permalink

        Thank you, Larry. I am following both your blog which comments on the Channel 5 TV programme ‘Mysteries of the Bible – Jesus’, and the very important blog on the new book ‘Jesus Research’ edited by Charlesworth It would do a world of good to TV producers of biblical programmes if they mastered the ‘Jesus Research’ book!

  2. When you start a blog, you expose yourself to what Augustine cynically called ‘massa damnata’ (‘the mass of the damned’)! 🙂
    They need redemption, so keep up the good work!

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