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An Extensive Review of N.T. Wright’s “Paul and the Faithfulness of God”

March 25, 2015

Yesterday I received notice of an extensive, two-part review of N.T. Wright’s 2-vol opus, Paul and the Faithfulness of God, by Chris Tilling.  The review combines a generous and cordial attitude toward Wright with incisive criticism of some major problems in Wright’s big work.  The review is available online in an “open access” journal, Anvil.  The link is here.

I’ll also take the liberty of mentioning again my own review of the work, which appeared in a journal last year:  Theology 117 (2014): 361-65.  The pre-publication version is available on this blog site here.

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  1. Fred Weston permalink

    Your own stress on the notion of a divine agent in Jewish thought, sounds interesting.

  2. It seems to me that “incisive criticism” is probably reductive. Tilling’s critique is so broad in content and scope that I don’t know how to reconcile his criticisms (that include Wright’s misunderstanding of other authors, including Tilling himself) with his opening statement that “this work’s intelligent and helpful structure, and transparent argumentation, leave other Pauline theologies in the dust.”

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