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Peter Volume: Table of Contents

June 10, 2015

In a previous posting here, I gave notice of the forthcoming multi-author volume arising from our conference on the Apostle Peter held here last year.  One or two commenters asked about the contents, and so I give them below.

Helen K. Bond and Larry Hurtado

The Apostle Peter in Protestant Scholarship, Cullmann, Hengel and Bockmuehl
Larry Hurtado (University of Edinburgh)

The “Historical Peter”

The Fisherman from Bethsaida
Sean Freyne (Trinity College Dublin)

From Shimon to Petros – Petrine Nomenclature in the Light of Contemporary Onomastic Practices
Margaret H. Williams (University of Edinburgh)

Was Peter behind Mark’s Gospel?
Helen K. Bond (University of Edinburgh)

Did Peter Really Say That? Revisiting the Petrine Speeches in Acts
Jonathan Lo (Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary)

“Another shall gird thee.” Probative Evidence for the Death of Peter
Timothy D. Barnes (University of Edinburgh)

Peter in the New Testament

Reassessing Peter’s Imperception in Synoptic Tradition
John R. Markley (Liberty University)

The Centrality of Discipleship in the Johannine Portrayal of Peter
Jason Sturdevant (North Carolina State University)

Moving the People to Repentance: Peter in Luke-Acts
Finn Damgaard (University of Copenhagen)

The Tradition of Peter’s Literacy: Acts, 1 Peter, and Petrine Literature
Sean A. Adams (University of Glasgow)

Why Are There Some Petrine Epistles Rather Than None?
Matthew V. Novenson (University of Edinburgh)

Peter in Later Christian Traditions

Images of Peter in the Apostolic Fathers
Todd D. Still (Baylor University, Truett Seminary)

“Peter in Paul’s Churches: The Early Reception of Peter in 1 Clement and in Polycarp’s Philippians
Paul Hartog (Faith Baptist Seminary)

On the Trail of the Scribal Peter: Petrine Memory, Hellenist Mission, and the Parting of the Ways in Peter’s Preaching
William Rutherford (University of Texas at Austin)

When did Peter become Bishop of Antioch?
Paul Parvis (University of Edinburgh)

Peter in Non-Canonical Traditions
Paul Foster (University of Edinburgh)

“Gnostic” Perspectives on Peter
Tobias Nicklas (University of Regensburg)

Traces of Peter in Roman Archaeology
Peter Lampe (University of Heidelberg)

Concluding Reflection

Scripture’s Pope Meets von Balthasar’s Peter
Markus Bockmuehl (University of Oxford)

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