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“One God, One Lord”: Third Edition Forthcoming

July 9, 2015

Earlier this week I received the proposed cover for the third edition of my book, One God, One Lord:  Early Christian Devotion and Ancient Jewish Monotheism (London:  Bloomsbury T&T Clark, forthcoming November 2015).  Now I see that Amazon has notice of this edition as forthcoming here.   Originally published in 1988, there was a second edition in 1998, in which I provided a new 5,000-word Preface reviewing the discussion of relevant topics in the ten years between editions.  In this third edition, I provide a 20,000-word Epilogue in which I sketch the background of the book (in my own research development), and then devote the greater part of the Epilogue to tracing scholarly discussion of the main points of the book, engaging key scholars in the process.

Because I judge the net effects of the vigorous scholarly work reviewed not to have called into question anything significant in the original edition of the book, I’ve again chosen not to revise it.  Instead, the Epilogue is my effort to update the scholarly discussion and carry the argumentation forward.  The book has, however, been typographically reset for this edition, and so the page-numbering differs.  But the publisher kindly offered to provide in the margins the original page numbers, so you can find places cited in work published earlier than this edition.

It’s unusual for a scholarly work to remain in print for 25+ years, and to continue to be cited and pointed to by colleagues as worth consulting, so I’m understandably pleased and encouraged that One God, One Lord has enjoyed this success.  To be able to help shape the scholarly agenda in one’s field is surely one of the most cherished aims of scholars, and a source of great satisfaction.  I’m encouraged and honoured by the commendations of fellow scholars for this third edition, as they appear on the back cover as shown here:  One God, One Lord proof 3.

As I indicate in the Epilogue, the book remains foundational in my body of work on the origins of Jesus-devotion.  The later works, including the big book, Lord Jesus Christ:  Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity (Eerdmans, 2003) all take the positions reached in One God, One Lord as the premise and carry the investigation further.  On some matters, therefore, such as the basic relationship of earliest Jesus-devotion and the Jewish matrix in which it first emerged, the book continues to be my crucial statement of my position.  It continues to be cited as well as a good review of the “chief agent” figures of ancient Jewish tradition.

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    One of the books most important to my thinking about Christian origins and the rise of religious devotion to Jesus is Larry Hurtado’s ONE GOD, ONE LORD. I’m delighted to see it is being updated and republished in this third edition. It is required reading in my courses on early Christianity.

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    A very significant book that was mandatory reading during my magisterial studies at LST.

  3. John Stackhouse permalink

    Congratulations, indeed, LWH.

  4. Ricky permalink

    Congratulations Dr. Hurtado!!! It is a fantastic book!!!

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