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“One God, One Lord”: Third Edition Published

August 19, 2015

Yesterday, I received my author’s advance copy of the 3rd edition of my book, One God, One Lord:  Early Christian Devotion and Ancient Jewish Monotheism (London:  Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2015).  The publisher’s online catalogue entry is here.  (And I’m pleased at the comparatively reasonable price.)

The major addition to this edition is a 53-page Epilogue, in  which I first explain briefly how the book arose (key influences, etc.), and how it fits into the research program in which it was an early and important step, and then I spend most of the Epilogue underscoring major results argued for in the book and discussing the “Ongoing Debate,” that is, how scholarly discussion has proceeded since the book’s appearance in 1988 (and especially since the 1998 2nd edition).

I can’t claim to have read or referenced everything that may have been published on the broader clutch of topics and questions involved in what is typically called the origins and early development of “Christology.”   Instead, I’ve aimed to note and discuss briefly what seem to me important works that more specifically engage the questions and major areas of focus in the book.

I’m pleased that this modest-sized book has been so well received and deemed worth keeping in print.  I hope that the new Epilogue will continue to make it useful to readers, perhaps especially students seeking to gear up in the topic.

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