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New Orleans Symposium

February 8, 2016

On Wednesday (10th February) I head off to New Orleans for a lecture on Thursday to the Biblical Studies Department of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and then to take part in the Greer-Heard Counterpoint Forum on Friday night and all day Saturday.   The Forum web site includes information on speakers, the schedule and registration  here.

The focus for this Forum is “How did Jesus Become God?” (not to my mind the most felicitous way to frame the question, but I wasn’t asked).  The Forum begins Friday evening with a dialogue between Bart Ehrman and Michael Bird, followed by Q&A.

Then, on Saturday, there will be presentations by Simon Gathercole (Cambridge), Dale Martin (Yale), Jennifer Wright Knust (Boston University), and myself.  Ehrman and Bird are invited to respond to each of these presentations.  I’m honoured to be included among such a roster of respected scholars, and I look forward to their presentations.

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  1. Tawfiq Kassir permalink

    Dear Dr Hurtado
    Will you be publishing the paper you presented at this Symposium?

    • The symposium papers will be published together in a multi-author volume in due course.

  2. John permalink

    I’ve just read your pre-conference interview on another site. If you don’t mind giving a sneak peak of your perspective, why do you find it invalid that there were some parts of the Jewish tradition in the first two centuries CE where angels were worshiped? Is there any other potential support for this position outside of Col 2:18?

    • I don’t see evidence of an actual “angel worship” practice because there isn’t any evidence of it. There are references to the magical invocation of angels, and to invoking God and/with his angels occasionally, but there is no evidence that angels were recipients of worship in identifiable Jewish circles of the Roman period. I’ve reviewed the matter in my book, One God, One Lord: Early Christian Devotion and Ancient Jewish Monotheism (3rd edition, Bloomsbury, 2015).

  3. Bee L. permalink

    By opening with Bird vs. Ehrman, they are opening with a fairly frank contrast between self-proclaimed evangelical, vs. agnostic. Any thoughts on this?

    • The Friday night event was set up this way. The Saturday forum in which I participated was not so much a politicized event.

  4. Jeff Cate permalink

    For those interested in the proceedings but who cannot attend, Bob Stewart at NOBTS told me that there will be a live-stream webcast of the sessions at

  5. FYI: The link is broken.

    • I’ve alerted the people at NOBTS and they say they’ll check. But today’s Mardi Gras, so nobody’s working!

  6. Kevin Conway permalink

    Will it be recorded for those of us in far away countries who cannot attend?

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