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Deleted Comments

April 15, 2016

I often delete (and don’t publish) comments that are off the topic, or just plain silly or malicious, or from someone trying to hijack my blog site for his/her own pontifications, or that address a posting but obviously without having read the relevant material.  No apologies.  This is my house.

So, I repeat:  If you comment, address the topic of the blog-posting.  Don’t try to segue off into some “hobby horse” of your own (like a certain commenter who has pet theories about Josephus and raises them at every unlikely opportunity).  And don’t try to hijack the “comment” feature to present your own extended pontifications about this or that.  Get your own blog site.  “Comments” = pertinent questions, concise observations and/or critique.

And before you try to present a counter-position to something, how about reading the relevant material first?  So, for example, in the last couple of days I’ve had a string of lengthy “comments” from a person in response to my notice of publication of my Marquette Lecture, who, obviously without having read it, feels entirely confident to answer the question I pose (and the answers he so confidently proffers are dubious as well).

To repeat exhortations I’ve given earlier:  This isn’t some public forum for self-appointed exponents of this or that topic to inflict their pet views on my readers.  This blog site is where I relate and engage matters arising from my own research, as a public service to a wider readership.  (Unlike some bloggers, I don’t blog because I can’t get published otherwise!)  So, as in a public lecture or university seminar, if you have an appropriate question or informed observation, you’re most welcome to “speak up.”  Not only other scholars but the wider public are welcome to do so.  But don’t expect to get your “comments” published if you want simply to parade your prejudices or trot out pet theories that rest on a lack of expertise in the field.

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  1. I was at New College for my undergrad (2006-10) and I heard this entire post in your voice. It’s made me chuckle to think about students you may have wanted to say this to during lectures…

  2. I really appreciate you weeding out the nonsense. I can read half-baked conspiracy theories anywhere. I come to this blog because I desire to hear from a respected and reputable scholar.

  3. Well said. Many opinionated people out there. I enjoy your articles. Many thanks.

  4. Hirit Begashet permalink

    Hello Dear Larry

    Thank you so much for your blog that you so freely share.

    You have my full admiration for yr courage and gratefullness.

    Best regards,

  5. Doug permalink

    Yes! Absolutely!

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