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“Destroyer” Endorsements

May 5, 2016

It’s very nice to have such positive endorsements from such highly-respected scholars as those given to my forthcoming book:  Destroyer of the gods:  Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World.  You can see what April DeConick (Rice University), Jörg Frey (Zurich), and Paula Fredriksen (Hebrew University) have said here.  Click on “Reviews”.

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  1. Jim permalink

    Sounds like a super interesting and timely work, especially helpful for us lay person types.

    But since I know that you can’t tell me to “read the book”, at least not just yet :), and if my weird question doesn’t betray any confidentiality wrt to releasing book contents prior to release date: regarding the statement in the book description “… early Christianity obviously reflected commitments inherited from its Jewish origins”, – does your book touch on how diaspora Jews avoided the kinds of persecution Christians did for similar sorts things like rejecting traditional gods of the Roman world and adhering to monotheism in a culture that supported acknowledging several gods?

    • Yes, Jim, one of the points that I discuss is why early “Christians” seem to have been so much more a perceived threat to the religious order than Jews were taken to be.

  2. Timothy Joseph permalink

    Dr. H.,
    Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading this when shipped in September.


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