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HDS Update on “Jesus’ Wife” Fragment

June 21, 2016

The Harvard Divinity School web page on the “Jesus’ wife” fragment now is prefaced with a statement from the HDS Dean referring to the recent Atlantic Monthly article that exposes the character who put the fragment into Professor King’s hands, and that King now admits “tips the balance” toward the item being a fake.  It’s commendable that the HDS has now taken notice of this, although one still wonders that there has been (and still is) scant mention of the various other critical reasons for judging it a fake for over a couple of years.  The statement is here.

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    • Well, McDermott may be a bit overly defensive to my mind. But it is the case that HDS has been curiously (disappointingly) slow in reporting adequately on the scholarly discussion of the fragment, which for two-three years now has overwhelmingly been the judgement that it’s a fake.

  1. This is rather embarassing…

  2. Peter Turnill permalink

    The HDS ‘update’ summarises for me their frustrating lack of engagement with all the scholarly responses over the last few years. So it is this Atlantic article on the dubious provenance of the fragment – fascinating though it was – which tipped the balance towards forgery? And only tipped??

  3. Regrettably, the Harvard Divinity School does not come out of this well. Its reputation for impartiality has been damaged by its handling of this issue over the past 3 3/4 years up to and including the present day.

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