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YHWH’s “return to Zion”

July 5, 2016

I’ve now uploaded the pre-publication form of my essay in a recent volume engaging N.T. Wright’s massive two-volume work on the theology of Paul, my essay focusing on Wright’s claim that the theme of “YHWH’s return to Zion” functions as “the catalyst” for Christology in the New Testament.  The upload is available here.

I’ve mentioned my essay in earlier postings (cited here), and it will be apparent that I don’t find Wright’s claim persuasive.  Given the prohibitively expensive price of the published volume, this pre-publication version may have some use in making the gist of my argument more readily available.  Those wishing to cite my essay will, however, still have to access the published version.

  1. Timothy Joseph permalink

    Dr. H.,
    Thanks for the opportunity to preview the article. As expected, well-written and well argued. I admit that I find it difficult to understand why some scholars find the idea/terminology of Chief Agent lacking. Not only has it been shown, at least to my satisfaction, to be historical but I also believe the NT argues for this understanding theologically. As we read the Gospels, the writers remind us that after Jesus’ resurrection and exaltation what was not clear became understood. They attribute this to the indwelling Spirit, which of course, was given after Jesus was exalted!
    Thanks again!


  2. S Walch permalink

    Good notes as always, Prof. Hurtado. (Don’t know if you’ve noticed this already, but you have “length” instead of “lengthy” on pg 10 in regards to Ezekiel 34).

    Seems you have to deal quite a lot with people misunderstanding/misrepresenting your position.

    You ever get tired of having to explain yourself?

    Or perhaps further explanation will always be necessary for those that disagree, and so subconsciously ‘don’t get it’?

    • I suppose that anyone trying to make a new/different point has the problem of getting it across, getting it grasped, and getting it engaged accurately.

      • S Walch permalink

        As you released One God, One Lord back in 1988, your points can’t really be classed as “new”. Are we really to believe that nearly two decades later, even someone like N.T. Wright still can’t understand what you’ve written?

        Your points may be different to what they believe, but that really shouldn’t affect their understanding of it. N.T Wright should be able to do better than misrepresent both yours and Carey Newman’s position on the matter.

      • Thanks. 1988-2016 actually = 28 yrs. So, yes, it is both strange and a bit frustrating to find that it is still difficult to get one’s point across: not necessarily accepted, just grasped and accurately represented. But others have done better. So all is not lost!!

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