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Seminar Honoring Reidar Hvalvik

August 22, 2016

Next Monday (29 August), I take part in a seminar honouring NT scholar, Reidar Hvalvik, in the Norwegian School of Theology (Oslo).  Hvalvik has been a very productive figure, one of the bright lights of contemporary Norwegian NT scholarship, and it’s an honour and pleasure to join in honouring him in this event.

The programme for the seminar is available online here.

The presentations reflect the cross-disciplinary scope of Hvalvik’s interests and work, with a particular focus on visual and material expressions of early Christianity.  My paper will be a “360”-type examination of P45 (Chester Beatty Papyrus I), noting bookform, contents, arrangement, size, the hand, and other visual/physical features.

I look forward to seeing Norwegian friends again and to contributing to this event.

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  1. Larry,

    That’s awesome, I’m always liked Reidar’s work from his thesis on Barnabas to his work on Jewish Christian relations. It was a pleasure to meet him once at SBL.

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