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Lanier Lecture

September 12, 2016

I was pleased to see about 500 in attendance at my lecture in the Lanier Theological Library series on 10 September.  Lots of interesting questions.  Mark Lanier is to be congratulated on developing such an impressive public/lay interest in lectures by scholars on various subjects.

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  1. Maurice Casey says that Matthew could easily have written on wax tablets.

  2. I’ve been encouraged seeing the videos from other lanier lectures in the past and it sounds like there’s a lot of people present; just never knew till now that there’s 500 in attendance!

  3. Larry,

    My wife, son, and I were fascinated by your lecture at the Lanier Library. I hope you’ll return in the future if you get the chance.

    Question: You said that the codex was a “lower” sort of writing material used for such things as lists, business records, etc. and I think you also mentioned that tax collectors would have used them. I realize I’m probably asking you to speculate but could a person used to keeping records, such as Matthew/Levi, have used codices to take notes on Jesus’ teachings (perhaps being the source of Q,
    or the special Matthew material)? Or would the tradition of transmitting information orally have precluded that?

    James Carter

    • Others have suggested this, among them C.H. Roberts (the great palaeographer/papyrologist). It’s a perfectly reasonable notion, but we can’t verify it, that those with writing abilities (such as the figure named Matthew/Levi, described as a tax-collector) could have made such simple notebooks.

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