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Early Manuscripts Electronic Library

October 12, 2016

I’ve just learned of a venture new to me:  The Early Manuscripts Electronic Library.  Their web site here.  They seem to have impressive links and their focus is on high-tech means of imaging ancient manuscripts, including techniques for recovering the underlying text in palimpsest manuscripts (which have a later text copied on parchment containing an earlier text that has been erased).

This is another encouraging venture that will help all of us concerned with the study of ancient texts.

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  1. Donald Jacobs permalink

    When will fragments of the NT using the divine name instead of KS be published?

  2. Scott Taylor permalink

    Thank you for the info on spectral imaging. Relative to the same, here’s another link:

  3. Thank you for the pointer to this interesting organisation.

  4. Thanks, very interesting. Another couple of startling new discoveries: (remarkable technology and evidence for an early MT) and less reliably Martin Schøyen’s new acquisitions, including an alleged first-ever finding of Nehemiah in dead sea scrolls:

    Finally, Interested to hear more about Daniel Wallace’s work on alleged 1st century manuscript of Mark, is there anything new on that non-disclosure project?!

    • Thanks for these links! No 1st-century copy of Mark on the horizon (and don’t strain your neck looking for one).

      • I’m confident the first century fragment of Mark will be published to coincide with the opening of the Museum of the Bible in November 2017.

      • Hmm. Is this comment tongue-in-cheek, or have you some insider scoop?

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