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“Destroyer of the gods” Interview: Books at a Glance

November 29, 2016

Another interview on my new book, Destroyer of the gods:  Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World, has appeared on the “Books at a Glance” site here.


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  1. Michael Gould permalink

    Dr Hurtado,

    Have read your book and enjoyed it hugely (and have recommended it elsewhere). You say in the interview:
    “we’d have to say that early Christianity clearly had to offer goods, you might say, that outweigh the serious social and political costs involved.” You sound rather uncertain (unusual for you) as to what was the attraction of being a Christian when it excited such antipathy.

    You further state:

    “In a little book that was published earlier this year entitled, Why on Earth Did Anyone Become a Christian in the First Three Centuries? (A little book published by Marquette University Press). I spent most of the time in the book emphasizing and explaining the significance of the question, I confess, and only in the final pages do I begin exploring some of the reasons.”

    May I ask if you are going to develop your thoughts further on this question?

    • I continue to ponder the matter. The problem is that we have little by way of direct testimony by ancient believers as to what sustained them in the face of the social costs involved in being a Christian in the earliest centuries.

  2. permalink

    Great interview. Would love to read your book. Robert

    Sent from Robert Orlando’s iPhone


    • Thanks, Rob. But don’t just read the book; buy copies for all your many friends and relatives;-)

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