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God and the Faithfulness of Paul: Now Affordable!

January 12, 2017

The multi-author critical engagement with N.T. Wright’s massive work, Paul and the Faithfulness of God, is forthcoming in a much more affordable edition from Fortress Press (early March 2017, the publisher’s catalog entry here).  I posted about the work earlier here.  It contains 29 responses to various parts of Wright’s extensive discussion of Paul’s theology, including my own critique of his claims about the “return of YHWH” theme as the “catalyst” of earliest christology, which I posted about earlier here.

  1. Hey Dr. Hurtado. Just a quick question — do you follow or recommend to follow any blogs on WordPress (other than your own of course)? I’ve been trying to find more good sources for information on NT scholarship aside from your own and a few others I know of. Thanks for reading.

    • Sorry, I don’t myself spend much time on reading blog sites. You might check the NT Gateway site run by Mark Goodacre, which has links to various online resources.

  2. Manoj Mathew permalink

    Hi Dr. Larry
    Just reading your book – ” How on earth did Jesus….” become God. Excellent book. I did find a small typo though.
    Manoj Mathew

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