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Major Funded Project on Rome and Judaism

February 2, 2017

I pass on notice of the large project, “Judaism and Rome:  Rethinking Judaism’s Encounter with the Roman Empire,” funded by the European Research Council.  The project web site here.  The team and the scope of the project are impressive and will be of interest to anyone working in Roman history, early Judaism, and early Christianity.

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  1. Hugh Scott permalink

    Professor Hurtado,
    Thank you for mentioning that this project will interest those working in ‘early Christianity’ as well as in Roman history and early Judaism.

    As you show in your two very recent books “Why on earth did anyone become a Christian in the first three centuries?”, and “”Destroyer of the gods – Early Christian distinctiveness in the Roman world “, and in your related blogs, the story of the historical Person Jesus of Nazareth, his birth, life, preaching, death, and resurrection, and the birth and spread of the movement he founded, are inextricably linked with the Judaeo/Greco/Roman/pagan world in which it all happened.

    I hope that this new project will give due prominence to the origins of Christianity, the most powerful fruit, in subsequent history, of that Judaeo/Roman period.

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