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Easter Roundtable

April 12, 2017

A roundtable discussion on Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection led by Professor Helen Bond, with Dr. Sara Parvis and me participating is available now here.  Bond commences with queries about how Jesus’ corpse was handled after his crucifixion, whether it was in fact buried or simply discarded, and whether figures such as Joseph of Arimathea may have been involved.

Then we turn to questions about the traditions of the empty tomb, and also what resurrection meant in the setting of the first followers of Jesus.

Professor Bond is my colleague in Edinburgh, and now Director of our Centre for the Study of Christian Origins.  Dr. Parvis is our specialist in Patristics and early Christianity.  Thanks to Mark Lamas and his fellow PhD students who arranged the event and handled filming and posting it on YouTube.

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  1. Dr. H.,
    Wow, thanks for this video. I found the emphasis on the resurrection particularly relevant. I also have attempted to restructure the expectations of my congregations to a more physical/pneumatic existence post resurrection. I agree that Paul’s description of the resurrection presumes an empty tomb. Finally, as has been highlighted previously, I was really fascinated by Dr. Parvis’ comments on the role of the women as witnesses of not only the burial but the resurrection itself.
    While Dr. Bond seemed less historically convinced of the Gospel accounts, I really appreciated the questions she posed and the discussion they generated.


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