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Advance Publication Notice: “Ancient Jewish Monotheism and Early Christian Jesus-Devotion”

July 11, 2017

A collection of 32 of my previously published essays on earliest Jesus-devotion is scheduled to appear in September, and is now available for pre-order:  Ancient Jewish Monotheism and Early Christian Jesus-Devotion:  The Context and Character of Christological Faith (Baylor University Press, the publisher’s online catalog entry here).

I’ve just finished a final review of the proofs, and look forward to having the volume in hand in due course.  These essays represent my work on the origins of Jesus-devotion that has extended over nearly forty years now.  I’ve chosen what I hope will be studies that remain relevant and useful to others interested in the question.  The essays include some that are primarily critical engagements with other scholars, others that focus on explanations of earliest Jesus-devotion, and a greater number of them concerned with particular early Christian texts that reflect the place of Jesus in earliest Christian devotion.

Although nearly 700 pages, the publisher has priced it reasonably at $39.95, to make it a feasible acquisition for students in particular.

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  1. Wow! This really is an excellent deal, Larry, thank you for alerting us to it.

  2. Do these essays repeat the info in your other main books on this topic or will I find new stuff not published in your books? I do love your work, by the way!

    • The essays in the forthcoming collection include some that were foundational studies on which I then built books, and other essays that came subsequent to my books on Jesus-devotion, taking up further questions and data. You’d find a lot recognizable and a good deal of fresh material as well.

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