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Another “First-Century Gospel of Mark”–Not!

July 28, 2017

For a fascinating account about tracking down a bizarre reference to a first-century papyrus of the “notes” of the Gospel of Mark, check Brent Nongbri’s recent posting here.

Brent refers also to the claim that surfaced a few years ago that a “first-century” fragment of the Gospel of Mark had been acquired by the Green family project.  I posted about this a couple of years ago here.  Things haven’t changed since then:  (1) No such papyrus fragment of Mark has been produced; (2) my limited inside-information is that none is likely to be produced, and that the earlier claim was not based on any competent analysis; so (3) the alleged “first-century” fragment of Mark is the papyrological equivalent of an urban myth.

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  1. Timothy Joseph permalink

    Dr. H,
    As usual, your insight is spot on. For all the hype, from multiple sources, no one who actually seen this mysterious papyrus has spoken up. A wait and see approach is no longer viable! We have what we have seen, which is nothing!


  2. Donald Jacobs permalink

    Didn’t Dan Wallace mention this fragment during a debate a few years ago, as if he has inside information?

    • I would wait to hear from an actual palaeographer who has had direct access to any item before making a statement. Obbink has remained curiously silent, even though his name has been invoked.

  3. I heard that Dirk Obbink was behind the dating. Am I wrong or does nobody really know?

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