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Spanish Language book on Early Christianity

September 8, 2017

During my visit to meeting of the Spanish Biblical Association, I was given a copy of a new multi-author book that I commend, especially to Spanish-speaking readers:  Así vivían los primeros cristianos:  Evolución de las practicas y de las creencias en el cristianismo de los orígenes, ed. Rafael Aguirre (Estella:  Editorial Verbo Divino, 2017).

The contributions address the religious experiences of early Christians, the impact of the death of Jesus, the rite of baptism in earliest Christianity, the place of the common Christian meal, the “way of life” of early Christianity, early Christian asceticism, and early Christian beliefs (with separate chapters on the first and second centuries).

Those teaching in Spanish-speaking settings will find this a good collateral reader for courses on early Christianity.

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  1. Gustavo permalink

    Dear Prof. Hurtado, are you endorsing this book? I noticed on the Verbo Divino website, the publishing house, that the essays seem to stress the “widespread flexibility and lack of doctrinal unity” of the earliest Christian communities, and the fact that doctrinal issues were secondary and so forth. Familiar idea, of course, but you among others have helped show the very early Catholicity of earliest Christianity, not to mention the significant consensus that existed on Jesus devotion.

    • Well, Gustavo, there was both diversity and development in early Christianity as well as a measure of wide “family similarity” across much/most of it. I wouldn’t say that I’ve shown a “consensus” on Jesus devotion, but instead (1) that a “high” devotion to Jesus erupted early and quickly at the earliest stages of the Jesus movement, and (2) that it seems to have been shared among Aramaic-speaking circles as well as Greek-speaking ones. I don’t claim uniformity, just that, whatever the diversity the Jesus devotion reflected in Paul’s letters seems to be at least among the earliest expressions of the Jesus-movement.

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