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New Book on Philosophers & Theologians Using Social Media

September 20, 2017

Theologians and Philosophers Using Social Media:  Advice, Tips, and Testimonials, ed. Thomas Jay Oord (San Diego, CA:  SacraSage Press, 2017), has contributions from 91 scholars, who describe how they got into using various social media (e.g., blogging, or whatever), what they aim to do, and giving their tips and advice for those considering following their example.

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  1. Thank you very much for your blog and your embrace of social media. I follow your blog for a number of reasons (I’m writing a diss on Tertullian’s Text of the NT with Houghton at Bham and have appreciated your work ever since I read LJC at Seminary), but this little post and the volume you alert us to is interesting in particular because I’m also a full-time library director. I really appreciate your posting of pre-pub articles and have a number of our faculty who are intrigued by this approach to making scholarly work immediately and freely available while yet also valuing the post-pub version which benefits from peer review and professional editing. Do you deal with pre-pub document publishing on personal sites or in a repository in your chapter in the book? If not, what policies do you follow? Are you aware of any other resources that treat this subject? Thanks again for your embrace of the internet and social media to give access to your work.

    • I work on the basis of copyright law. The pre-edited, pre-published version of a work remains the author’s property, regardless of who owns the copyright on the published version.

  2. I do hope they will serialise this as a blog…!

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