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“Texts and Artefacts” Now Published

November 13, 2017

I’ve just taken delivery of author’s copies of the newly-published volume of selected essays of mine:  Texts and Artefacts:  Selected Essays on Textual Criticism and Early Christian Manuscripts (Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2017).  I posted on the book earlier when it was first available for pre-order (here), giving the titles of the essays included.

The essays included reflect my long-standing interest in textual criticism and the study of the physical and visual features of earliest Christian manuscripts.  This interest began with my PhD thesis, published as Text-Critical Methodology and the Pre-Caesarean Text:  Codex W in the Gospel of Mark (Studies and Documents 43; Eerdmans, 1981).  That work (I am pleased to note) was widely received as settling the question of the relationship of the text of Mark in Codex W and P45 to the so-called “Caesarean text,” my study showing rather clearly that there is no significant textual relationship connecting them.

In doing my PhD thesis, I enjoyed the supervision of Prof. Eldon J. Epp, about whom I’ve posted appreciatively earlier here.  My newly-published volume is dedicated to him, and so I take this occasion to reiterate my gratitude to him for his supervision and encouragement during my PhD work, his recommendations for my early academic posts, and his continuing friendship and kind interest over the many years since my studies with him.


P.S.  Sorry about the price!  Out of my control.  And I’m assured that 18 months from now there will be a paperback edition that will be cheaper.

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  1. Will there be a paperback edition in due course?

  2. Dear Dr. Hurtado: Do you know when a Kindle/electronic version of the book will be available? (Looking forward to reading it!)

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