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House Rules . . . again

November 20, 2017

It’s been a while since I last reminded readers of the “house rules” on this blog site.  And also there are many new readers who may not have known to read them here.  The first rule is that we identify ourselves with our real names.  You know who I am, and common social courtesy requires you to operate openly too.  So, you may have an alias of some sort, but not here.

I also require comments to be on the subject of the posting, not winging off into something else.  And questions and comments should be concise.  This isn’t a soapbox for people to ride their “hobby horses” or inflict lengthy treatises upon us.  It isn’t a bulletin board.  It’s a site where I comment on matters in my own area of competence, giving “leaves from my workshop”.  Questions and comments welcome, but be concise.

And no ad hominem attacks, please.  Remove all venom from your fingers before typing your comment!

Now back to regular programming.

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  1. A positive comment: “Enjoying your book on Mark’s gospel” – been told to read it by my tutor.
    Enjoying it – not a stuffy academic book – but comprehensible to a LLM! Thank you.

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