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The NT Virtual Manuscript Room

November 20, 2017

I had occasion today to check on a particular variant that does not appear in the Nestle-Aland edition of the Greek NT (nor in the SBL or the new Tyndale editions either), and was very glad to have to hand the online “New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room” based in the University of Muenster here.

The site provides photos and transcriptions of all the NT manuscripts cataloged and used in the Institute for New Testament Text-Critical Research, the facility that edits the Nestle-Aland text and is working on the massive NT project titled the Editio Critica Maior.

NT students who can handle NT Greek should know about this site, and learn to use it.  For example, from the home page, if you click on “Manuscript Workspace” on the left sidebar, you get a form that allows you to enter the Gregory-Aland number of any given manuscript.  If you then click on the little blue search button,  and then on the next screen the number that appears below “Results”, the manuscript will be loaded for viewing.  In the centre frame you have photos and in the right-hand frame the transcription, which you can search by entering book, chapter and verse.

In effect, you have manuscripts at your fingertips for direct verification of readings, etc.  PhD students in particular should learn to use this facility (and, I say with some embarrassment, all too many of their teachers need to learn to do so as well).

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  1. Thanks Larry,
    We just released the Digital ECM for Acts there yesterday as well.

    The full apparatus from the ECM is available for Acts and much of it is interactive, showing the reader the Greek manuscript on which they click, and any versional evidence behind a reconstruction. The local stemmata for a variant segment is available from the icon on the left which follows your mouse. The Textual Commentary from the printed edition is even there by clicking the ‘discuss’ button, also on the left by the segment number, where the reader can interact on the forum with the text scholars. Thank you again for the props and for all you do.

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