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Holiday Deals for Kindle-books Readers

December 8, 2017

A reader alerted me that Eerdmans has Kindle editions of three of my books on a special holiday price (till 2 January):  At the Origins of Christian Worship ($3.83); How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God? ($3.59);  and Lord Jesus Christ:  Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity ($5.98).  So, I shamelessly flog them here!


P.S.  Here’s quick link to Amazon:  here.


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  1. vegas permalink

    Could you describe the differences in subject/scope between your four works:
    One God, One Lord;
    At the Origins;
    How on Earth; and
    Lord Jesus Christ


  2. Charlie Rose permalink

    Marvelous news. I’ve just bought How On Earth and Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve also just read JAT Robinson’s redating the Gospels, Edmundsons 1913 Bampton lectures and am currently reading Wenham’s Redating Matthew Mark and Luke. I wonder, Professor Hurtado, if you are sometimes tempted to move away from the Q model of tradition transmission to a more ‘early gospels written by eyewitnesses’ approach, and how you would see that affecting your understanding of early Christological development.

    This is a brilliant blog for non-academic enthusiasts – so much to learn!

    • Charlie: I still think that it’s most plausible that collections of Jesus’ sayings (a “Q” type item) were made and that such a collection was drawn upon by the authors of GMatthew and GLuke. And it seems to me that GMark was the initial literary move comprising a full-length written account of Jesus’ ministry. But the crucial evidence of earliest christological development is in Paul’s letters.

  3. Nemo permalink

    Professor Hurtado,

    Here is a link to your author page at Amazon. It lists all three books on sale. You might want to add it to your post. Gotta to make it convenient for readers to buy, if you’re flogging them anyway. 🙂

    For people who haven’t read any of your works (like myself), which one is the best introduction to your thoughts? If we are to read only one book, which would you recommend?


    • The book that is foundational for the others is One God, One Lord.

      • Nemo permalink

        Professor Hurtado,

        Which ancient texts and authors do you cite in One God, One Lord and we need to be familiar with in order to fully understand the book?

      • Nemo: I can’t site in a blog comment all the texts that it took me a book to engage. I refer to Philo, Qumran texts, and various Jewish extra-canonical texts.

      • Nemo permalink

        Professor Hurtado,

        Could you recommend complete translations of Philo, the extra-canonical Jewish texts and the Qumran texts you reference in your book? For Philo, I know of only C.D.Yonge and Loeb. I’m asking about translations only, not scholarly studies or commentaries. I might as well order them all at once, so I’ll have done the prerequisite readings before engaging your work.

      • Nemo: See my posting today.

      • Nemo permalink

        Professor Hurtado,

        Are you aware that the 2nd edition of One God, One Lord is available as a free PDF file at a Russian site? It shows up in google search results just before your own blogpost on the 3rd edition. I downloaded it (shame on me?) and browsed through the bibliography and your references in the book.

        The gulf between the scholar and the layman is intimidating, such that I wonder whether your book is intended for the latter at all. You obviously read the ancient texts in the original languages, and provide both the original and the translation when you reference them. Are those your own translations or are you quoting existing ones? If the latter, could you please post the translations you use? They will help me understand your book better. Again, I’m asking for Philo, the Qumran and the Jewish extra-canonical texts. Thanks.

      • T
        Depends. The translations of Hebrew and Greek texts may be my own, or those of the standard scholarly editions (e.g., Loeb vols on Philo). Those from Ethiopic or Slavonic are from scholarly editions/translations. See, e.g., J. H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (2 vols; Doubleday). On the Qumran texts, see the Hebrew/Aramaic – English edition by Florentino Garcia Martinez & Eibert Jl Tigchelaar, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Study Edition (Eerdmans).

      • Nemo permalink

        Professor Hurtado,

        I noticed that you cited G. Vermes’ The Dead Sea Scroll in English, instead of the study edition by Martinez & Tigchelaar in your book. Could you comment on and compare the quality of the translations in those two? Since I can’t read the original languages, the quality of the translation is more important to me than having the original languages available in the edition.

        Also, could you also comment on the quality of translations of Philo by C.D.Yonge vs. the Loeb vols.? Basically, I want to know whether the difference in quality justify the difference in price, one is freely available online or US$18, and the other is US$300+.

      • The two volume edition by Matinez and Tigchelaar wasn’t available when I wrote One GOd, One Lord (1984-87). I recommend the Loeb edition of Philo. It is the one more widely used in scholarly work. I don’t know the Yonge edition. But it may be ok for general purposes.

      • Nemo permalink

        Professor Hurtado,

        Thank you for the recommendations. It’s funny how Amazon can get a “New Updated Edition” from somebody (Yonge) who has been dead for 126 years.

  4. Donald Jacobs permalink

    One God, One Lord was the best book.

    At the Origins has quite an interesting discussion of the Trinity.

    Lord Jesus Christ has a lot of detail and talks a bit more about second century texts.

  5. For anyone considering How on Earth and Lord Jesus Christ…they are really good books, very scholarly but easy to read. I have read both books more than once. I will read them again.

  6. John Marine permalink

    Prof. Hurtado, Thank you for this recent post, thanks to Eerdmans as well for this limited time special. I was able to obtain a Kindle version of Lord Jesus Christ, which I have wanted to read for some time now. BTW, thoroughly enjoyed Destroyer of the gods.

  7. Hello! I cannot find this on Eerdmans. Do you have a link?

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